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Our Approach: We use a proven business strategy approach to reducing violence

We use a proven business strategy approach, adapted to the problems of violence, child abuse and neglect.

We were founded by business strategists with wide international experience in resolving challenging business problems by focusing on root causes rather than symptoms.

We reasoned that the same basic approach that could turn loss-making companies profitable might apply to the social problems of violence and child maltreatment.

Business experience taught us that understanding what causes a problem is already part-way to a solution.

Our early focus was therefore on identifying existing organisations taking a root cause approach to the problem, so as to support them.

BUT there just weren’t any – all the organisations we looked at were focused on alleviating symptoms.

Our next focus was to discover whether any effective solutions even existed. 

Proven solutions in the form of specific programmes did (and do) exist, but scientific evidence was piecemeal and without any cohesive overview.

After many years of research, we were able to connect the dots and form the necessary overview from which to create a truly preventive and solution-oriented approach.

WAVE was born to pass on our learning about effective root causes solutions to policy-makers, service practitioners and other third sector organisations.

We continue to update our global research so we can remain at the leading edge of understanding and disseminating new science and knowledge about the early years of life, when the foundations for future physical, mental health and achievement - or poor outcomes - are laid down.