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Our history

In 1995 we discovered, that despite the best efforts of children’s charities and the government, levels of child abuse and neglect had not decreased since 1950.

We wanted to find out Why?

This is what we found out:

The traditional focus was on symptoms rather than causes

In 1995, there were no charities focusing on the root causes of child abuse and neglect. Our first decade of research was into the root causes of these blights on humanity and also into ways in which they can be prevented.

Find out what causes violence and what we can do about it

Preventing child abuse and neglect was not a vote winner

We also discovered that child abuse or neglect did not rank in the top 20 concerns of the voting public. Therefore, it did not rank very highly with most politicians either.

However, fear of violence was consistently the second highest ranking concern (outranked only by concern about the economy). As the cure for violence lies in how children are treated, WAVE (Worldwide Alternatives to ViolencE) was started. So, although our focus is on violence, it grew out of a determination to do something to stop violence towards defenceless children.

Find out more about our approach and our results so far.