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George Hosking OBE

Founder, CEO and Research Co-ordinator

George is an economist, accountant, psychologist and clinical criminologist. He is also a traumatic stress counsellor.

Before focusing on social issues, George had a successful career in business, first as a senior line manager working in the field of international strategy, then as a strategy consultant and corporate turnaround specialist.

He graduated from Glasgow University in 1966 with an Honours Degree in Economics with Economic History. From university he joined Unilever and qualified as an accountant. His 17-year career with Unilever, took him to more than 35 countries, where the juxtaposition of extreme poverty and extreme privilege stimulated a fascination with the schism between compassion without effectiveness, and effectiveness without compassion. He became deeply interested in exploring how to integrate the two. This led him to study Western and Eastern philosophy and psychology. Eventually he combined his full time job with studying Psychology at London University, graduating in 1983 with a First. Also in 1983 he set up his own consulting business, Cameron Consultants, specialising in advising corporate companies on international strategies, senior management development and profit improvement.

In the early 1990s George was deeply moved by a number of horrendous child cruelty cases widely reported in the UK. He took a fundamental decision (or as he sees it, the decision took him) that he could not just accept such things and do nothing about it. In looking at what he personally could do to alleviate this cruelty, he began to explore the issues of child abuse and its causes. He studied Criminology at Birmingham University, counselling victims and offenders, and in 1996, he initiated the creation and growth of WAVE.

As a criminologist he has worked with victims and perpetrators of violence, in prisons and in the community delivering WAVE’s very successful ‘An End to Violence’ programme.