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70/30 Pioneer Communities

In 2016, WAVE Trust launched the first ACE Prevention Pioneer Community pilot in Northern Ireland to create a reduction in child maltreatment. This is the next key step in achieving 70/30 – reducing child maltreatment by 70% by 2030 by taking a primary preventive approach. We call this 'turning off the taps'.

Pioneer Communities will lead the way in tackling one of the greatest and costliest public health issues of our time – child maltreatment.

The consequences of child maltreatment are estimated to cost the UK £15 billion every year. Child maltreatment (abuse, neglect and witnessing domestic violence), creates untold physical and mental suffering both during childhood and for the remainder of life. As well as elevated physical disease and mental illness, it is the leading cause of children needing to be taken into care, seriously damages educational prospects and leads to elevated levels of aggression, violence and criminal activity (68% of prison populations have been abused or neglected in childhood). In 2011, the Christie Commission in Scotland stated that 40% of local government spending is only necessary because of a failure to intervene early enough in children's lives.

If you have any questions about 70/30 Pioneer Communities or are interested in becoming a Pioneer Community please get in touch with Aidan Philiips on or 0208 688 3773, or Anthoulla Koutsoudi on (0771 476 4370)