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Our Results

  • We were instrumental in introducing our top recommended programme Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) to the UK. FNP benefits over 40,000 vulnerable young, first-time parents and their infants in the UK
  • FNP is being provided by all Scottish health board areas and is also being run in Northern Ireland and England
  • We have worked closely with Health and Social Care Trusts to promote infant mental health provision, spread Family Nurse Partnership and introduce Roots of Empathy.
  • We inspired and serve as Secretariat for the ACE Prevention APPG in Westminster and the ACE Prevention & Healing CPG in Holyrood (which are endorsed by 163 MPs and 63 MSPs respectively). Both cross party groups are predominantly attended by politicans on a monthly basis and are action orientated
  • The recommendations from our report Conception to Age 2 – The Age of Opportunity are being implemented extensively in local authorities across England. They are also being used by Unicef in their work with health ministries in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. Other countries using the report to inform practice include Italy, Iceland, Australia and Mexico
  • We coordinated the remarkably broad and powerful coalition that influenced the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. Through this legislation and the subsequent statutory guidance, the WAVE-coordinated coalition is establishing a firm legal foundation for prevention within children’s services and more robust governmental support for the first 1,001 days of life. Read our documents about Putting the Baby IN the Bath Water
  • We inspired and serve as the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Conception to Age 2 – The First 1001 Days. This group meets quarterly and sustains the focus of cross-party support on the early years and advances new research and policy
  • We were instrumental in introducing the Roots of Empathy programme to the UK, which is now delivered in every council area in Scotland
  • We've guided the development of integrated pathways in partnership with local authorities to improve provision systematically orientated towards prevention
  • We helped develop the Big Lottery Fund’s £165 million A Better Start project and our CEO George Hosking OBE sat on the steering group. Watch George talking about this project