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Scottish Strategy

Putting the Baby IN the Bathwater

Scottish Government has recently enacted the ‘Children and Young People (Scotland) Act’. We coordinated a coalition of over eighty key organisations and distinguished individuals who are signatories to Putting the Baby IN the Bathwater. This document recommended five major ways of advancing Scotland’s aspiration to become ‘the best place to grow up’. The coalition successfully encouraged and influenced amendments to key parts of the Act and also secured Ministerial commitments ensuring that statutory guidance following the Act would advance the place of primary prevention and the first 1001 days of life for children and families. The coalition continues to play an important role in these areas.

Key Collaborators

We have collaborated with the internationally acclaimed Scottish Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) for almost a decade following publication of WAVE's breakthrough 2005 report Violence and what to do about it.

Scotland’s renowned former Chief Medical Officer, Sir Harry Burns, has worked closely with WAVE over many years, and has now been named as WAVE's inaugural Senior Fellow. We have made several contributions to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee, which led to the adoption of ‘preventative spending’ as the Scottish Government’s priority (and including special recognition of investing in the earliest years of life within this priority). And, we have been influential in relation to the major joint, Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and CoSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) initiative – the Early Years Collaborative.