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Prevention in Practice

Next steps for Age of Opportunity

WAVE Trust has been working in partnership with the Department of Health (DH) in order to identify the conditions required for successful implementation of a preventive and integrated approach to early child development and disadvantage. We are also developing an understanding of the barriers facing local areas in implementing this shift.

The centrepiece of this work is the joint DfE/WAVE Trust report Conception to age 2 – the age of opportunity. DH is supporting the implementation of this report by local areas. The report recommends the actions which should be taken by local areas to ensure the best possible start in life.

This section of the website contains several individual and specifically focused reports and examples of local best practice, to support local areas in:

  • adopting the recommendations from Conception to age 2
  • increasing investment and focus on primary prevention
  • improving individual outcomes for children, starting at the very earliest opportunity



Local best practice

Case studies of local best practice in preventive, integrated approaches to early child development.

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We support local areas interested in adopting a more preventive and integrated approach to early child development.

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