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John Carnochan appointed as Senior Fellow at WAVE Trust

18 August 2014

Worldwide Alternatives to ViolencE (WAVE Trust) is delighted to announce that John Carnochan OBE QPM FFPH will become its second Senior Fellow, as of September 2014. 

WAVE’s Senior Fellows are a small group of experienced, distinguished and trusted leaders who will make numerous meaningful contributions to the success of WAVE’s commitment to prevent and reduce child maltreatment by at least 70% by 2030.

WAVE’s role is to be the initial catalyst for a positive, ‘all hands on deck’ public, private, voluntary and community effort toward: Every baby nurtured; Every child thriving; and, Every parent prepared and supported.

George Hosking OBE (WAVE’s Founder/CEO) said:

"I have known, and had the greatest respect for, John Carnochan since he created Scotland’s extraordinarily successfully Violence Reduction Unit during 2005; the same year WAVE published Violence and what to do about it. John transformed his brilliant career as a murder investigator and Detective Chief Superintendent in Glasgow into an incredibly powerful platform from which to advocate for attacking crime and violence at its roots."

"He has used his hard-won credentials as a no nonsense police officer to persuade policymakers and practitioners to dramatically improve the lives and life chances of babies, young children and their mothers, fathers and carers. This was reflected in his famous public statement about the best investment in crime prevention: "If you were to ask should we have 1000 more cops or should we have 1000 more health visitors, I would say health visitors.” John’s charisma, practical wisdom and ability to bridge the worlds of law enforcement, health, and early childhood development have made him much in a demand as a speaker, adviser and guiding force within, and far beyond, Scotland."

John Carnochan said, when accepting this appointment:

"For close to a decade, WAVE’s work and that of the Violence Reduction Unit have followed different paths toward the same outcomes. Our shared goal of shifting the balance from reaction to prevention -- and our shared commitment to addressing the root causes of violence, poor health and inequality – have made us firm allies."

"The time is now right for me to actively join forces with WAVE. I am honoured to be able to work more closely with WAVE’s staff, first Senior Fellow (Professor Sir Harry Burns) and the coalitions WAVE coordinates on both sides of the border. Together, we can encourage and assist people to take meaningful, sometimes radically different, actions that will result in: ‘Every baby nurtured; Every child thriving; and, Every parent prepared and supported’."

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, to make those results happen. WAVE understands that a focus on creating healthy relationships -- between boys and girls, women and men, professionals and families, as well as between babies and parents -- is at the heart of ending child maltreatment."

"We need to respond differently as individuals, communities and as a society to most of the challenges facing us, especially those shaping young lives. I welcome the chance to work with WAVE not just to influence official leaders, but also to bring together and support the wider world of ‘doers’; the people who are committed to making our world healthier, fairer, less violent and more compassionate in their own ways, large and small."





1. John Carnochan was an active police officer for nearly four decades, including as deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department within Strathclyde Police. He rose to the rank of Detective Chief Superintendent and was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2007. As the co-founder and co-director of the Violence Reduction Unit (with a Scotland-wide remit), John led a variety of successful initiatives in tackling gang violence, knife crime and domestic violence. John is an adviser to the World Health Organisation, lectures at the Scottish Police College, is a consultant for the Inter-American Bank, serves on the Scottish Government’s Early Years Task Force, as well on the boards of several groups (including Alcohol Focus Scotland, Children’s Parliament and the Poverty and Truth Commission). In 2013, John was on the public health faculty of St Andrew’s University. He recently co-authored a book On Being a Man (Luath Press 2014).

2. He can be reached by contacting For more information, see: