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Parenthood & Relationships Education Project - Evidence Review

April 2016 Review
29 April 2016

This Evidence Review provides the background to WAVE Trust’s Parenthood and Relationships Education Project (PREP), funded by the Scottish Government. The aim of this project is to research, develop and pilot a resource (toolkit) that can be used by practitioners in a variety of settings to support young people aged 14-16 to prepare for possible future Parenthood. 


We conducted an international evidence review of existing school-based preparation for parenthood programmes for young people aged 14–16 (of which there are few, with none currently universally delivered in the UK). Numerous published research, articles and other secondary research sources were reviewed from Scottish, UK and international studies. 

In addition we conducted our own primary research, including stakeholder interviews, an online survey for parents and practitioners and focus groups with young people.

This report is a summary of the findings from this research.