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PREP Scotland

Parenthood and Relationship Education Project (PREP) Scotland

Project Background

The Scottish Government is committed that Scotland should be the best place in the world for children to grow up. Achieving this goal depends on having the next generation of Scottish parents be the best generation of Scottish parents. In support of these goals, WAVE Trust, funded by the Scottish Government was invited to develop a resource that will help to prepare young people for possible future parenthood. This resource is intended to be applicable to a wide variety of settings and be adaptable to young people with different experiences and needs. 

We have created a ‘Toolkit’ of sessions that can be used by professionals and practitioners to support and prepare young people for possible future parenthood. This Toolkit was developed using current evidence and a process of consultation with young people and practitioners.

PREP Evidence Review

The Toolkit

The toolkit has been designed to provide resources for practitioners (including teachers, youth workers and other practitioners working with young people) which are flexible, accessible and adaptable. It is intended to offer good quality, relevant materials and information that directly and indirectly address the skills and knowledge young people require to be better prepared for possible future parenthood, and to make decisions about whether and when to become a parent.

PREP Toolkit

Feedback about the Toolkit

The Toolkit was launched at an event in Edinburgh on 28th April, 2016. It was endorsed by professionals across the education and voluntary sector and was supported by Education Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Among comments from the launch event were:

"I think this toolkit has been very well put together and have been constructed with cognisance given to feedback from teachers and other Education professionals."

"The pack is very well put together and I look forward to using this in my practice."

"Very excited about new toolkit."

"I am really buzzing about this toolkit. Can use it to cross all age groups and environments, including childcare staff. Excellent job. The toolkits are amazing."


We asked how practitioners plan to use the toolkit in practice:

"I teach PSE to S1-S6 so definite scope to include in lessons."

"Role out in all PSE lessons and try to link with local authority young parents' group."

"I can incorporate this into my youth work practice as well as skills academy courses within the secondary schools."

"Groupwork with young people."

"Work with young people not engaging in school (on flexible learning packages) [and on a] 1x1 basis."


If you have any questions relating to the PREP work, Evidence Review or Toolkit please contact Anthoulla Koutsoudi at