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Privacy policy

WAVE Trust Privacy Notice
This Notice was prepared in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is displayed on this website and on

We hold personal contact details and information such as occupation and interests which are relevant to the work of WAVE Trust (WAVE) and 70/30 and this data has been provided by the 70-30 Ambassadors, partners and organisations we work with. The data we hold is held in 2 separate locations, one (Mailchimp) is for internal use only with WAVE staff having sole access to it and is secured by passwords. The other is on the 70-30 website in a section called Impact Tracker. The Impact Tracker can only be accessed by authorised 70-30 Ambassadors who have received training, and the information concerning each ambassador is limited to name, email and mobile number plus the actions they have undertaken within the 70-30 Network.

The information we hold will be used solely for the furtherance of WAVE’s work and the 70/30 objectives and action plans. Your personal information will be stored either until you tell us you no longer wish to be involved with the work of WAVE Trust/70-30 or until WAVE’s work and the 70/30 objectives have been fully implemented/realised. We do not share data with any third parties (anyone outside the 70-30 Network and WAVE staff).

For us to continue holding your data we require your express consent to do so under GDPR. You will receive an email requiring you to give your consent. Please respond to that email otherwise we will have no option but to delete your data and you will receive no further communications from us.

You may
o withdraw your consent at any time hereafter.
o ask us to let you know what information we hold on you
o ask us to remove all information about you from our records.

Your data will not be shared with any third parties unless you authorise us to do so.

The rights you have under GDPR include:
o Right to be informed
o Right of access
o Right of rectification
o Right to erasure
o Right to restrict processing
o Right to data portability
o Right to object
o Right to complain to ICO if you think there is a problem with the way we handle your data
If at any time you wish to raise a complaint or make a request for information please send an email either to our CEO (George Hosking or his successor) or to our Company Secretary (Anthoulla Koutsoudi or her successor).;